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"This program completely changed the way I view the world and my philosophy of life! The self confidence I gained from accomplishing my first major startup, integrated with the knowledge I've acquired through this program, make me feel that I am ready for anything! I now consider myself a real entrepreneur!"
Stephanie Fleming, Asheville, N.C.

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The Academy of Entrepreneurship is a non-profit corporation whose mission is to support and train entrepreneurs. Through special arrangement with the Drs. Carland, the Academy is making available 30 in-depth training videos to the public absolutely free!
Can you really teach Entrepreneurship?
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We are an online Academy offering completely free video based entrepreneurship training.

There are no tricks and no hidden agendas. There are no commercials, and we will never release or sell your information to anyone.

Enrolling is free and without obligation. Just enroll and we think you will agree that our videos are the best in the world!

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